Watkins Products and Business Opportunity

Watkins has been America's Pioneer in Natural Living Products for Generations

Watkins Products has provided high-quality, life-enhancing products made from ingredients extracted from plants, herbs and spices for over 140 years. Watkins storied tradition began in 1868, when J.R. Watkins sold his first bottle of Watkins Liniment, featuring natural ingredients from the Asian evergreen camphor tree and the red pepper plant. It was a fantastic product then, and is still popular today -- as are many of our early products, such as our Original Double-Strength Watkins Vanilla, award-winning Watkins Cinnamon, gourmet Watkins Black Pepper, numerous Watkins spices, Watkins extracts, and more! Thus, it is not surprising that throughout the it's distinguished history, that Watkins has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and integrity.

watkins-soap For over 140 years, Watkins has been America's pioneer in natural living products and we plan to continue this tradition for generations to come. Today's trends show the consumer's demand for natural, organic products is on the rise. We are pleased that we have been ahead of the trend since the begining with our offering of Organic Herbs and Spices, Natural Personal Care and Natural Home Care - making Watkins the brand to turn to for all of your natural living needs!

Going back as far as 1917, with our Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, you can see how Watkins has been developing natural solutions for your home and family for quite some time. Clearly we are not strangers to natural, organic products!

As we look to the future, we will continue to provide products that are good for the environment, your family and meet the growing consumer demand. Our goal is to use past, present and future knowledge of natural to take our products to an even higher level of natural.

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